SamirKababHouse was established in 2006 with the intent of perfecting top quality, halal, afghan based cuisine. We strive to fine tone and improve our menu in both quality and taste everyday, with multiple changes and limited time dishes we have delivered some of out best work on a plate. 

With a friendly and skilled staff we are able to provide the best service to our customers, and with our diversity it allows us to expand the horizon on our dishes and customer service alike. 

Our Dedication


Daily Fresh Meat

We are joined with a butchery and have out meats cut and cleaned as needed daily. Only top quality fresh halal meat is used in our meals. 


In House Baked Bread

With our own in house bakery, bread is baked to perfection minutes before served ensuring best taste and quality. 


Locally Grown Vegetables

All produce is delivered every 3-4 days from locally grown vendors. 


100% Halal

Quality food and cleanliness is an important aspect but for us keeping all our food 100% halal and always guaranteeing it is out top priority. 


Samir Rice

We use our own Samir brand rice, perfectly grown and harvested for the best quality and taste.



We take great pride in keeping a clean environment. Both front of house and kitchen are always kept to its best possible conditions to ensure a peaceful dinning atmosphere and trust in our restaurant and staff to deliver top quality food at its best. 

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